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LaudonTech launches a new website

  09.01.2012  /    0 comments  /    Categories: Design, Web  /  By  Admin

Finally, LaudonTech revamps their website! Check out our responsive new website on any device. iPad, Nexus, Android Phone; the website adapts for maximum viewing pleasure...

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  07.03.2012  /    0 comments  /    Categories: Climate, Web Mapping, GIS  /  By  Admin
  Tags: CSS3, HTML5, ArcGIS Javascript API, Google Maps API

February 2013 - UPDATE: LaudonTech's apps win again. This time, Save-the-Rain was awarded as runner-up in the Google Maps Places API developer challenge.

LaudonTech's Save-the-Rain application wins for a fourth time! The World Bank Apps for Climate competition was launched in December, 2011 at the COP-17 conference in Durban. Developers had just over four months to develop and submit apps, which had to use data in the World Bank’s open data catalog to address climate change issues in some way...

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  06.06.2012  /    0 comments  /    Categories: Design, Web, GIS  /  By  Admin
  Tags: LandSat, ArcGIS Server

LaudonTech creates a map mashup to visualize change using historical satellite imagery...

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